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(Jan 28, 2014)
Hey there!
(Jan 27, 2014)
(Jan 27, 2014)
(Jan 24, 2014)
Races and More Stories!
(Jan 15, 2014)
Events are up!
(Jan 12, 2014)
We are using the old L1 Campaign setting world. It will be posted in the coming weeks.
(Jan 12, 2014)
Dave its teh Rampant world not Earth so the nations such as Molam whatever teh colonies became Aman Dola etc.
(Jan 12, 2014)
Any idea if the world (and current countries, cities, states, etc) will be the same? Like, will there still be a United States, New York, Missouri, etc?
(Jan 10, 2014)
I am liking these back stories from The Change.
(Jan 09, 2014)
Coach's story is posted! Have a read!
(Jan 09, 2014)
Cause all the swanky people know, elf is where it's at!
(Jan 08, 2014)
In advance of rules, I am hereby committing to elf-dom. If anyone is interested, let me know to discuss!
(Dec 27, 2013)
New story posted!
(Dec 25, 2013)
anyone live in the Buffulo NY area?
(Dec 25, 2013)
Merry Christmas to those who celebrate...
(Dec 23, 2013)
Hey hey Dave!
(Dec 23, 2013)
Heya everyone!!!
(Dec 22, 2013)
Happy Holidays to one and all.
(Dec 18, 2013)
Hey Yelta long time since L3 our favorite CHainmail suit High elf
(Dec 16, 2013)
Awwww yeah! Commin' back to LIONE!