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(Dec 02, 2017)
The Countdown is back up! Yay! And now we wait...
(Nov 23, 2017)
Gobble Gobble - BRAINSSSSS!!!!
(Nov 22, 2017)
Gobble Gobble.
(Nov 10, 2017)
10 min left in work day... 4 hours till i am on site... 6 hours to go time!
(Nov 10, 2017)
Eleven, ah ah ah!
(Nov 10, 2017)
Counting down the hours.!
(Nov 08, 2017)
character cards have been pulled from the system, if you need to update at this point let us know so I can have an updated card ready for you at check-in
(Nov 07, 2017)
Pez Survey closes tomorrow at noon!!! Get your votes in!
(Nov 06, 2017)
Lione Folks we urgently need Spell packets for the last event.
(Oct 29, 2017)
I had no idea! I was looking for a date or post about it
(Oct 27, 2017)
Vocations are due this evening! Midnight or bust!
(Oct 26, 2017)
Good question
(Oct 25, 2017)
When's the vocation deadline?
(Oct 16, 2017)
Thank you. I didn't understand that I could use that In Game and not in the vocation section.
(Oct 16, 2017)
Yes Field Work is a skill under Scholar and Steward vocation
(Oct 16, 2017)
Yes you can
(Oct 16, 2017)
For the Field Work vocation, can I use that whenever I want?
(Oct 09, 2017)
Hey guys, I will be doing a Boston costume trip this week. Does anyone need anything for the upcoming event? If so please pm me.
(Oct 01, 2017)
Did anyone else notice the word "Zaharites" in the first page of the newsletter, and is consequently freaking out? I know I am.
(Sep 28, 2017)