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CP Alternative

Ernie C / Oct 17, 2016
As we mentioned prior to the October event, we are offering an alternative option to earning bonus character points for your character. Traditionally, when you do things such as help with clean up, take part in the NPC exchange, or provide prop donations, you would simply earn character points.

However, we are now offering a new option. In place of earning these bonus points, you can instead earn tickets to go toward the raffle at our next campaign's startup fundraiser and raffle.

The types of bonus CP that can be converted into raffle tickets are:
Setup CP
Cleanup CP
NPC shift CP
Donation CP
NPC Exchange CP

If you would like to take this new alternative option with your earned bonus CP from these sources starting with the October event (and going forward), simply e-mail us ( and indicate you are taking this new option. We will keep this choice on record going forward, but it can be changed back at any time you wish just by letting us know.

If we don't hear from you, you will be defaulted to earning CP, not raffle tickets.

Please e-mail us to let us know, even if you already spoke to a director in person to indicate as such (especially if you spoke with us during this past event).


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