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Lost & Found

Last minute lost and found question

Is there any chance that at the end f the last event, someone found a black toiletry bag with, among other things, a dented black eyeglass case inside?
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Hutz6500Small Adrian Fallen 48d
Lost & Found

FOUND: socks

I have found a pair and a half of socks that are not mine. they have been washed. one is purple and has big hole in the bottom. the other two are white hospital socks.
Small Crow 256d
Crow1807Small Crow 256d
Lost & Found

Lost Boffers

I am missing two black boffers, lengths 46 and 48 inches, both "sword" shaped with trapezoidal hilts - see pic below, although the handle wrapping is a bit smoother than shown. No idea where I lost them, but on the short list is INK Larp, which m...
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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Man11103Small Dr. Quinn, Medicine Man 302d
Lost & Found

This past game.

Someone left there contacts behind. We have them. Also, there was a lot of lost and found, so check your stuff and make sure you didn't forget anything.
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Breaug42025Small Silkhands 1y
Lost & Found

Lost FitBit Zip

By any chance, did anyone find a FitBit Zip? I lost it sometime around the last event. It's the model that looks like this:Thanks,Mark
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Saxbridge11027Small Saxbridge 1y
Lost & Found

Throwing Hatchet

After the last big battle, I realized my throwing hatchet fell out of my vest pocket. It says "Sloan" on the butt of the shaft. Let me know if you've seen it or have it.
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Sloan Brackley42060Small Marcy 1y
Lost & Found

Carabiner Mug

Hey folks, I had to head out early today before closing and couldn't find my carabiner mug when I took a quick look through - it looks like this one and was probably in the tavern somewhere:
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Aelyn Stonespark 21278Small Diggy 1y
Lost & Found

Misplaced Silk's 'parking meter' one handed

If anyone has seen/can find, I'd much appreciate it. If it was found it might have ended up in script weapons.One handed hafted, black wrapped handle, with a parking meter face on the foam impact part.Thanks in advance!
Small Silkhands 1y
Silkhands165754Small Dr. Quinn, Medicine Man 1y
Lost & Found

Forgotten in the Tavern

-1 Black Backpack with an Xbox logo on it, full of canned food-1 black handled can opener, rust on one of the handles-1 extra wide scarf with fringe, looks like a Halfling blanket
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Lightfoot31988Small Breaug 1y
Lost & Found

Lost my phone

Did anyone find a silver/grey samsung phone with a crack in the bottom right corner?
Small Kira 1y
Kira01316Small Kira 1y
Lost & Found

Black Laptop bag

I just got a chance to go through my stuff last night and I noticed that I'm missing my laptop bag that I used to carry papers and things, it was empty except for one paper. I'm pretty sure it was left in the tavern by the bar (obviously). Please ...
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Barry Longtankard42507Small Barry Longtankard 2y
Lost & Found

Brown Cloak

I am missing my brown cloak from two events ago, it was in MC but I am uncertain if someone picked it up or not. It was brown, with a tan inner lining and leather straps sewn in. If anyone finds it let me know.-Indigo
Member avatar small Indigo 2y
Indigo21786Small Breaug 2y
Lost & Found

Lost: 1 Trench Coat, Black

I brought my trench coat down to The Reaper cabin (#3?) as a backup costume piece for another player and I totally forgot to retrieve it. Anyone have any info on its whereabouts? Thanks
Small Lightfoot 2y
Lightfoot52738Small John F. 2y
Lost & Found

Missing sword

Somewhere Saturday night I lost track of my sword. It is black with a blue sparkle hilt. It has a piped latex basket hilt. Thanks!!
Small Barry Longtankard 2y
Barry Longtankard105559Small DrJay-Wu 2y
Lost & Found

Missing Fists

I couldn't find Murga's fists when I was packing up. Did they find their way into someone else's gear?
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Murga32252Small Murga 2y
Lost & Found

Lost Hat

Lost my grey polyester baseball cap somewhere - no idea where; theoretically, it should have been in my cabin (4), but I made sure it was empty before I left.
Small Dr. Quinn, Medicine Man 2y
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Man01551Small Dr. Quinn, Medicine Man 2y
Lost & Found

Missing: Circlet

Missing circlet that I was wearing as Zora. It was on my head one moment and gone the next. Green stone in the center with horizontal wooden beads on either side, it's bound by wire to a silver circlet. Please return either IG or OOG? Thanks!
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Tiffany126002Small Tiffany 2y
Lost & Found

left behind

I left behind my yellow extention cord in the flop house was it found?
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Opal21553Small Breaug 2y
Lost & Found

Billy Kane

You left part of your costume at the event.
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Kerry Brooks01286Member avatar small Kerry Brooks 2y
Lost & Found

June 19th event Lost

While packing Saturday before dinner.Lost Action reflex stick approximately 30". Black with cloth red "claw sheath" cover over it.Possible locations out in the forest when the tree spirit ran from the Wylders.Cabin 1Parking lot - side grass str...
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Acreswyld53717Small Dr. Quinn, Medicine Man 2y