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Stoneheim Market


I'm writing this before the sleep deprivation takes my memories. So here are my top ten (more or less)1. The Death of Zeltharin. Such feels. Thanks John and Hannah.2."Is this what my life has become? THIS IS AMAZING!"3."If only Breaug was here." B...
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Stoneheim Market

Laser Etched Items

Hi everyone! Did you notice those swanky pendants that House Bastion and the Dwarves were wearing? Do you want one of your own? I'll be making them to order, for anyone who wants some! I'm linking a pricing sheet below, which also includes orderin...
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Aramis31198Small Aramis 297d
Stoneheim Market

Light up Crystal wands!

Hey everyone!Just here to mention Matt Poulin(FB) and I Kimi Devaney(FB) are the sellers and creators of the crystal wands you saw at game. If you're interested in buying one, please contact one of us and we will get the ball rolling! Thanks!
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Stoneheim Market

Chainmaille Armor

Hi there everyone!My husband Tom (Romulus) got a lot of compliments about his armor this past event October 2015. I wanted to give a shout out here for anyone who was interested in armor like that. The maille is rubber and aluminum and weighs as l...
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Stoneheim Market

Stoneheim Tablet Opinion Poll

Hello Readers,Please take a moment to fill out the poll below. We value your opinions, and your input will have a direct effect on the future of the paper.Click Here for Poll
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Stoneheim Market

Banner and Sashes

Looking for somebody who can make 5 simple 2-Tone sashes and a 2-Tone banner for next event. Please contact me at
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Walter "Vash" Duros01340Small Walter "Vash" Duros 1y
Stoneheim Market

Land of Fables Creations: Crystal Wands! (Light Spells)

Hey Guys!I just wanted to let you know, Matt and I will be bringing a selection of our crystal wands for sale at check in of this coming game.Each wand has replaceable batteries, (3 Triple A's) and produces a generous amount of light, the top of t...
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Stoneheim Market

hats and mitts and packets oh my!

for the upcoming event I will have a number of hats and mitts for sale $10 eachI will also have a limited number of packets on special sale for $.50 each i will not be taking color choices of material (trying to clear out my WHY DID I or anyone b...
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Stoneheim Market

Changeling's Closet Website Link

I'm starting up a costuming/props business. This is the Link to my new Website!
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Stoneheim Market

fingerless mitts

For anyone what still wants a bit of hand warmth but the ability to throw packets with the best of them I make and sell fingerless mitts for $10 a pair let me know if you'd like me to bring a selection to the next lion event
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Stoneheim Market

Costume Work

Hey All,I am looking to have a costume made for next fall/winter. I'd like it to be a high quality and I am open to discuss pricing with the provider. Please, let me know if you know anyone that is in the market to do this work. Feel free to resp...
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Stoneheim Market


anyone looking to purchase packets I am selling them for .75 each
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Stoneheim Market

Looking for FS Packets and Headwrap

Lords and Ladies, Looking to see if anyone is in the business of making packets. And while you're working with the packet fabric if you could make Drake a nice red white blue headwrap... I'd like some red-white-blue packets (without american flags...
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Drake P. Sterling2719979Member avatar small Opal 2y
Stoneheim Market

Moresca Ensembles!

Lords and Ladies, I have in my posession an XL men's and a med/small lady's ensembles I am looking to sell. Selling as complete ensembles, if you buy both I will discount them further. Message me for details.-Puck
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Breaug02044Small Breaug 3y
Stoneheim Market

Looking to Buy: Armor Repair

I have a bit of a problem. It has been some years since I've LARPed and as it happens, my wife is an excellent cook....which has rendered me too fat for my armor. I'm looking for someone who can modify my hard leather armor with longer straps as w...
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Stoneheim Market

Renaissance Clothing

Some players may have their characters accept the changes of the world more smoothly than others and return to a style of clothing similar to the medieval and renaissance period.For those people I recommend contactingHSpector4167@aol.comHarold was...
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