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#13289323 Jun 08, 2017 at 12:17 PM
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Wow, what a weekend! Sincere thanks to the directors, staff and all the great scripts. A particular call out to Mike Lloyd - thank you for being the adversary we all loved to hate for so long (and condolences on your abrupt retirement)!

12. Loki's Trial (sorry for the babbling...).
11. An extended visit from Ursula!
10. Not fighting Diggy during his madness.
9. Questing for the seal with my church. (Always great working with you guys!)
8. <I get hit, didn't hear the call.> Me: "Clarify!" Ernie: "Ten damage by skill." "Parry that." "Good call!"
7. Bellinger Day gifts.
6. Breaug's victory and appointment (acknowledgement?) as Warchief.
5. The Dreamwalk, particularly the crazy rituals!
4. Aramis' subsequent ascension. So many feels!
3. The end of Zaltharan and the Skur.
2. Being named Orcfriend.
1. "Locate phylactery!" <thwack!>
#13289476 Jun 08, 2017 at 01:43 PM
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Thanks to the Board, scripts, and fellow players for a fun event!

1. Me- "Remember war movies before the change, with the big battleships firing big guns and sinking other ships? All those cannons were tied down, not loose- no such thing as a good loose cannon, Loki."

2. Me- "Remember war movies before the change...?"
Walter- "No, actually."
Archer- "Wow, that was in poor taste, Silk."
*face plant*

3. Fighting- hard to get enough.

4. Bonding with Breaugh over what felt like a solid Bellinger HHD gift.

5. Spell packets with Scob's name on them.

6. "Diabetic Hairpins" for the win.

7. Elf-wheesperer.

8. Restoring essence- the expressions on recipient's faces is always gratifying.

9. Getting to extended roleplay with Ursula.

10. Watching Sixsmith on Friday night, and doing my best to stay out of her visual range at almost any cost.

11. Being part of a great network of friends and near-family---in game and out.
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#13289587 Jun 08, 2017 at 03:10 PM
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Sorry I'm late getting to this stuff. Flew down to Nashville right after the event (caught the Preds game on Monday and Carrie Underwood at the Grand Ole Opry on Tuesday)...

Great event .. I know it was the High Holy Day of Bellinger and all but I got more accomplished this event than any I can remember.

1. Lloyd – you rock. I was really more stunned in our Harry Potter moment than you probably knew… so many things I should of asked.. and didn’t – because I was almost free of you … I feel so mundane now.. I have like mortal Essence again.
2. All the various reactions to Sanctuary in the Skur fight.. whether it was mine or Kels.
3. Wondering after Ken got Avalanched to death if he actually still hadn’t popped his Sanctuary. Tony was a very sneaky Avalanche.
4. Discussion with newer elves and trying to explain to them what Slag attempted to relate to me. They probably didn’t understand what I was getting at like I didn’t really understand Slag.
5. Agon “ Really… now Artiface wants to get involved!”… I love that purple glowing poker of power.
6. Realizing im now two pieces of the “Expose Chain” that is like clockwork in the tavern.
7. Trying to figure out what the heck an Orator does.. oh he yells a lot.. I can do that!
8. Loki’s Trial… the feelz.
9. Jack’s Trial … the feelz..
10. Breaug feeling true pity for Zeltharin and NOT eating his heart.
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#13291031 Jun 09, 2017 at 12:47 PM
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"Remember Li, if you do a good job, you know what you get?"
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#13291328 Jun 09, 2017 at 05:04 PM
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#13291031 Annabelle Von Hellstrom wrote:

"Remember Li, if you do a good job, you know what you get?"

lol.. so true :( maybe :) but really :(
Li Shan
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